Unit 6: Grade 11/12 Technological Design - Robotics - Robot Assembly

This unit will finish the robot assembly by adding further supports, fasteners, and any other unfinished components. Rendering and drawings will also be looked at for communication, presentation, marketing.

Course Units and Descriptions

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Unit Description
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1 Careers & Safety- Intro, computers, organization, and research career
2 Engineering Communication- Technical sketching, ortho-ISO, custom ortho, and robot design
3 Structure and Materials- Materials & measurement,  joints, frame, and 3D model
4 Driven Mechanisms- Gears, gearbox  to wheel, drive train, and 1st function
5 Functions and Integration- Body base, pneumatics, 2nd  and 3rd function
6 Robot Assembly- Robot build, function supports, drawings and presenting
7 Marketing and Portfolio- Web authoring, portfolio and presentation

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  1. Unit 6, Act. 1: Assembly Supports and Finishing Up

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Now that the robot is almost done with all major functions and components, final support brackets and any other items can be finished here.


Review robot for additional supports between functions and weak spots. Any areas that can be further lightened without compromising the strength may also be considered. Some minor updates to functions and design may also need to be made after doing some virtual testing in key areas of concern.



Looking closely at key components and their operation, placement, and possible improvements should be considered

  • Strengthen and reinforce weak points with added material and/or brackets
  • Remove necessary material weight if possible
  • Check that all fasteners have been placed
  • Customization and look improvements


Major Steps

After reviewing assembly:

  1. Clean up any stray files, delete extra files and versions not needed and ensure sub-assemblies, files, and folders are organized with no warnings or issues
  2. L brackets will need to be made for elevator intake to add strength to tote box opening
  3. Align adjust elevator shafts and connect shaft couplings
  4. Removing material on base frame could be done to reduce weight
  5. Design and add protection over back controls to protect electronics
  6. Team number/name can be worked into key locations either adding material and/or removing material


Evaluation points

Evaluation Breakdown Component Descriptions Marks
Always double check that you have completed all components for full marks.
Final Assembly - Folder/files, organization, mates, and design 50