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Student's Name Design Log Portfolio

This is my design log portfolio share page to show my top 5 projects each including a title, summary, image, peer support, conclusion, and 2 resource links.

Project Title

Three sentences, summarizing your project here.

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Process or Steps (SPICE):

Situation: What is the big picture of this project

Problem/Challenge: What has to be made, what are the requirements, and what is to learn

Investigation/Ideas: What ideas did you get, where did you find your ideas

Create/Construct: What were your steps to make or solve for your challenge/project goals

Evaluation: How does the end fished product/solution support or meet the challenge

Peer Assistance: Who helped and/or supported you and how in one sentence.

Related Resource Links

  1. Resource link sample 1
  2. Resource link sample 2


What did you gain and/or learn - knowledge, skills, and/or values from this project?

(copy from "Project Title" down to here, and paste # of times for the other sections and delete this line)


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